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1994 Variety Magazine, “Sayonara

1995 Variety Magazine, “Florinda

1995 tvGuide, IMDB, cast credit: “Showgirls


“I have known Jamy Woodbury as one of the premiere contemorary dancer/choreographers in Hawai’i for many years. Now I have to ad composer,lyricist, multi-instamentalist, and vocalist to that distinguished resume. His music is important, fun, and totally funky. The subject matter is current; Black Lives matter, police murders and ways to get comfortable with the new now. With melodic and surprising lines, the music is complex without being inaccessible. He possess’s a fine vocal instrument, blending the best rythm and blues with funk and the variety of the tunes, while in the same genre, is like a smorgasbord of sounds.”

Paul Janes-Brown, Curtain Call Maui and the alpha & Omega Show

“COOL GROOVES GROOVES EXPRESSING HARD TIMES” Jamy Woodbury has something to say in these hard times!! this could be a start!” Lenny Castellanos, bassist and vocalist for Mick Fleetwood Blues Band